If there was ever a single track that we could point to that represents one of the best eras in electronic music, that track would without a doubt be deadmau5’s iconic 10-minute masterpiece “Strobe.”

Just today, the “Strobe” remix pack was released as the 100th release on deadmau5’s label mau5trap. Interestingly enough the mau5trap head honcho did not include his own remix on the “Strobe” remix EP. But worry not, we’ll be getting it soon enough.

For now, this remix pack includes remixes by Feed Me, Com Truise, Dimension, Lane 8 and ATTLAS. With such a high quality and diverse calibre of producers on the EP, there was nothing else I could have asked for in terms of giving the proper remix due diligence except for maybe seeing an official release of deadmau5’s 20 minute “Strobe” extended remix that we are all still tirelessly waiting for.

Check out all the “Strobe” remixes below, and find purchase links here.