Despite the mountains of criticism and hate being thrown toward Apple and the removal of its long-reliable headphone jack on the iPhone 7, one man appears to found a solution to the subsequent charging dilemma. That man is Dillon Francis: champion of moombahton and (as of today) technical mastermind.

In a video posted to his Facebook page earlier this morning, Dillon let his followers in on a newfound secret regarding the highly controversial inability for users to use wired headphones and charge their phones at the same time. The trick? Just scream into the headphones’ mic, switching between high-pitched shrieks and low, guttural moans.

During the video, Dillon spends several minutes attempting the new method on his new iPhone 7. While it may not have worked to charge his phone, we’re positive that his ridiculous shouts will soon be sampled and chopped to form a brand new main stage EDM banger.

Check it out below, and send us videos of your own best attempts to scream-charge your phones.