New music from REZZ always gets us really excited, so we’re exceptionally happy now to be able to premiere this tune from her upcoming EP, Something Wrong Here. “Purple Gusher” is the perfect track to open the EP with – it has all the marks of a classic REZZ tune, including the punctuated synth stabs and dark, apocalyptic melodies.

Her use of melodies against some of the darker and harsher sound effects in her songs is one of her strongest qualities, and it seems that she’s always in the process of perfecting that melding; this song is no exception.

If you’re listening on laptop speakers or anything without a dedicated subwoofer, you’re gonna have a bad time. So strap in to your home system, your surround sound, or even take a seat in your car to really get the best idea of this one.

Something Wrong Here is out October 7. Pre-order on iTunes here.