Derek Vincent Smith, who you may know better as Pretty Lights,  is a busy man…he is always creating. From his ethereal live performances to his grungy, yet prestigious sound, he’s continually pioneered his own path in electronic music in everything he does. 

What we’re most excited to preview is his upcoming, two-day event coming to Nashville, October 7-8th, titled the ‘Episodic Festival’. It’s complete with a live band, featuring roster of rockstars like Brian Coogan, Borahm Lee, Alvin Ford Jr., and Kris Karns. On top of that, Pretty Lights himself curated the lineup for both days in Nashville, including Emancipator, LTJ Bukem, Atmosphere, Brasstracks, and many more!

This ‘Episodic Festival’ is without a doubt one of the coolest and most progressive events we’ve ever seen from Pretty Lights. If you’re in town, or close by, make sure you grab a ticket, you won’t regret it. Check out the teaser video below and grab your tickets here: