Safe In Sound, now in its third year, has booked some of the biggest bass artists to date on its national tours. For this years rendition of the festival, they have outdone themselves with headliners like NGHTMRESlanderOokayBrillzFlux Pavilion, of course Borgore, and countless others, this festival is turning out to be a wild one. Just about a month into the tour, the festival has already proven to be a smashing hit everywhere it stops. We’re going to be catching up with them at their Boston stop, so look out for the full event review next week!

EDM bad boy and dubstep producer, Borgore, recently posted a video with some of the highlights of the festival thus far. Citing the fact that for him, “Pink eye is a work hazard,” the video shows packed venues and the notorious squad of girls who seem to always be surrounding him. This recap, combined with recaps provided by Safe In Sound, prove that this festival is a must do on everyone’s list:

Safe In Sound posted some recap videos too:

Check out the dates nearest you:

Sep 15 Houston, TX
Sep 17 Dallas, TX
Sep 22 Indianapolis, IN
Sep 24 Minneapolis, MN
Sep 29 Buffalo, NY
Sep 30 Chicago, IL
Oct 01 Pontiac, MI
Oct 02 Columbus, OH
Oct 07 New York City, NY
Oct 08 Wallingford, CT
Oct 09 Boston, MA
Oct 12 Knoxville, TN
Oct 13 Tallahassee, FL
Oct 14 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Oct 19 Garden City, ID
Oct 21 San Jose, CA
Oct 22 Seattle, WA
Oct 28 Milwaukee, WI
Oct 28 Phoenix, AZ
Oct 29 Magna, UT
Oct 31 Kansas City, MO
Nov 04 Broomfield, CO
Nov 18 Pittsburgh, PA
Nov 19 Atlanta, GA
Nov 25 Sacramento, CA
Nov 26 Berkeley, CA