There was a recent thread on reddit that discussed the lack of current EDM that really pushes boundaries, and inevitably future bass came up. As one of the more recent breakthrough genres (at least compared to trap or bass house), future bass has begun to influence more than just EDM, even bleeding out into the pop world. That makes it a great genre for versatility, and I love seeing what guys like Dennis Kruissen consistently do with it.

Taking advantage of the great vocals from Langston, Kruissen crafts a perfect accompanying melody. It’s not hard to close your eyes listening to this track and imagine two lovers falling down an endless hole, constantly embracing one another. I think that’s maybe one of the best features of this track, it’s ability to conjure up imagery and imagination in listeners.

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Langston and Kruissen working together again in the future, because this pairing is just too good to be a one-off collaboration. Listen below: