Time and time again, there are certain producers that shut down the misconceptions created by the producers in their shared generation. Misanthrop just so happens to be a prime example of this. With unique and style-bending techniques, he’s gifted the public and his die-hard fans with an entire LP of pure evil. Armed heavily with 14 tracks of absolute monstrosity, you will find that his productions will follow you from the bedroom, to the dance floor.

What’s my favorite tune, then you may ask?


“Antimachine” sticks out like a beautiful sore thumb. Why? Its message. Its message is simple, yet entirely effective. It speaks of the modern day difficulties that all of us face in society, whether that be corporate greed, big business capitalism, or the economic downward spiral that many of us experience every day. Now that that’s been aired and you all understand the message, who doesn’t like a drop that makes your floorboards creek?

You can purchase the entire album here. (DO IT!)