With Loadstar, it’s quite difficult to make any assumptions on what you’ll be receiving with their production content, apart from the fact that it’ll be essentially flawless. Time and time again the esteemed duo from Bristol has proven to its fan base how seriously they take their artistry. Stylistically, they are virtually unmatched. In the mood for liquid? They’ve got you covered. Feeling a bit of moody dance floor drum and bass? Done. Fancy a tune so weighty it caves your roof in forcing you to evacuate your humble abode leaving every belonging but your media player of choice accompanied by said tune? Well, I’ll let you listen to this one first, and then answer the last bit.

I told you, didn’t I… ? After “On The Wheels,” I was quite sure it couldn’t get much better than that. This tune is forecasted to chart extremely well, as it holds enough value to do damage in any setting.

So many acts that have been in the game as long as Loadstar lack consistency. They tend to lose their creativity and drive at times, which can be a huge disappointment. I’m sure we can all agree that this is farthest thing from that. Our boys with the help of the legendary Ram Records label, are JUST getting started. 

Preorder: Not yet available.