Ever since I heard “Odo” back in 2011, I’ve loved Ganja White Night. Their absurd and frankly crazy style of bass music is one of the most unique approaches to electronic music that I’ve heard from basically anyone, and I’m honestly super excited to be premiering this VIP for our readers today.

One of the most popular tracks on their newest LP, Mr. Wobble, was “Wobble Master” and so GWN decided to VIP the fuck out of it and release it on All Good Records. The original takes that intense wobble rhythm from 2009-2011 and brings it to the modern age. The VIP takes any latent energy from the original and brings it to the surface with a vengeance, teetering on the edge of drum & bass with some amplified percussion elements and a higher tempo, but still carrying that dubstep swagger.

Check out the VIP below, and grab their new album Mr. Wobble here.

What are the reasons GWN / other producers look to make VIP edits? In case the reception isn’t quite what’s expected, how much is the reputation of the original taken into consideration?

VIPs allow producers to further experiment with tracks that may or may have not gained traction with their audience. The original track has been the biggest track we’ve played live every city since the album drop. The response is pure insanity, so creating another version to perform live and circulate thru new channels was a great opportunity.

Why a VIP of this track specifically?

We chose this track specifically because A. It has been our most popular song off our new album ‘Mr. Wobble’ and B. We produced an entire animated music video with Belgian street artist Ebo of the original track which has received over 200k views since July. 

What was the process when linking up with All Good Records?

Our manager introduced us to Grant at Mysteryland after hearing he was a fan of our most newest album. When the opportunity arose for us to produce a track for All Good, we were extremely excited considering they were fans of our music.