The Chainsmokers and Daya have one of the biggest singles of 2016 with “Don’t Let Me Down,” but that hasn’t stopped the 17-year-old vocalist from being brutally honest about the duo.

“They’re weirdos — absolute weirdos. They’re like brothers to me. We pick on each other… that kind of relationship. They’re the most genuine people. I love them so much — they’re great.”

And we shouldn’t believe The Chainsmokers’ own recount of how “Don’t Let Me Down” came to be. Apparently it was Alex and Drew who sought out Daya after hearing her own “Hideaway.”

“They always tell the story that I came to them, but really they came to me. They reached out to me like a year ago or so because we were both through Sony and we both have a connection there. They had both heard ‘Hideaway’ and then they reached out and I had been a fan of their music so it was a perfect match.”


H/T People