Ookay has been riding high off of the success of his massive single, “Thief.” Even after having his Soundcloud deactivated, Ookay was able to bounce back – it wasn’t like he wasn’t allowed to play “Thief” live anymore, after all. Still, he’s been teasing new music for quite a while and finally, his new EP The Cocoon has dropped.

The new EP sees Ookay deviate from his older, trappier persona as he delves even further into his more melodic, more song-like self that we saw on “Thief.”

“Back Again” and “Sure” exemplify this change most starkly, with calm, serene vocals and a not-so-lit beat. “New Jack Swing” is definitely the heaviest track on the bunch, but even then, it isn’t really trap. The remaining two, “Long Time” and “Bring It Back” continue to shine a new light on Ookay’s production and direction.

Are any of these tracks individually better than “Thief”? I don’t think so, but that’s up for anyone’s interpretation. However, the release as a whole is going to be monumentally important in Ookay’s career as the moment that he really found his sound. With the way that electronic music is heading as a whole, it’s become so much easier for producers to experiment with new sounds that truly reflect what they want to make, rather than what the audience demands to hear.

Listen to The Cocoon below.


Image via Frank Apollonio