So, GTA just released their debut album Good Times Ahead. Based on their history of tracks int he trap and twerk realm, you might expect their album to follow the same formula. Boy, would you be wrong…

At almost every turn, GTA defy expectations on the release, with tracks like “Little Bit Of This” with Vince Staples or especially “All Caught Up” with Tinashe and “In My Nature” with Karina. Rather than continuing to follow trends, it’s entirely possible that GTA is going to set trends for 2017 with this album.

Setting itself apart from previous releases like their “Bitch Better Have My Money” remix or especially their whole Death To Genres EP, GTA craft intentional music with a purpose for Good Times Ahead. You only get one debut album, and GTA seem to have taken that fact to heart.

The album is only 10 tracks long but no track is filler or wasted. Listen below:


Image via GTA