We’re not going to pussyfoot around it, this most recent presidential debate was ugly. Neither candidate discussed the issues, and the majority of the time was spent slinging insults across the room. The distaste for the proceedings left a bad flavor in everyone’s mouths, DJs and producers included.

Here are just a few of the things that the electronic music community tweeted about the debate last night.


Last but not least, Moby.

over and over i’ve been hearing #trump supporters trying to defend his horrifying comments caught on the access hollywood tape. one of the most common defenses, from giuliani to scott baio, is ‘that’s how men talk’. but no, that’s not how men talk. i’ve spent 51 years as a man, and i’ve lived on tour buses and been around some gnarly men being, well, gnarly. and even at their roughest i’ve never heard men say things like ‘i fucked her, she was married’, and ‘grab them by their pussy’. i’ve also never known men to brag about forcing themselves on women. why? because regardless of your gender it’s horrifying and wrong to force yourself sexually on another person. it’s even doubly horrifying and wrong to then brag about forcing yourself sexually on another person. which is why so many men i know are truly stunned and disgusted by the language on trump’s tape. and why so many men i know are stunned and disgusted by the sean hannity’s and giulani’s of the world trying to make light of trump’s disgusting words. trump wasn’t saying, ‘whoa, she’s hot, i’d like to have sex with her’. he was bragging about forcing himself on someone and committing infidelity on his new, pregnant wife. so to the #trump supporters who are trying to make light of trump’s language extolling the virtues of infidelity and sexual assault, you are wrong. none of us are surprised that trump has truly shown himself to be a virulent misogynist. he is the man who routinely referred to women as ‘pigs’ and ‘slobs’. we’re disgusted and repulsed, but not surprised. i think we’re surprised that so many right wing republicans are trying to excuse trump’s language as quotidian ‘locker room talk’. we’ve turned over a rock, and under the rock are giuliani and hannity and trump and gingrich and their truly repulsive misogyny.

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