Producers are always looking for ways to challenge themselves, both musically and technically. Production software has advanced so far in the past decade that it’s a great idea to remain proficient in whatever new version is out at all times. That’s why programs like “Against The Clock” exist.

Another such program is the SLAM! Studio Challenge which gives producers an hour to create a track (as opposed to the ten minutes afforded by ATC). This is actually the very first episode of the program, and they’ve chosen Dannic to be their inaugural partner.

Often referred to as one of Hardwell’s protégés, and a member of the “Dutch House Mafia” with Dyro and head honcho Hardwell, Dannic creates the track piece by piece for viewers, letting us see his process as if we were right in the studio with him. He says that making a track usually takes him around three days, but it can take up to a month – for him to come up with even a rough draft in an hour, then, is pretty impressive.

Take a look below.


Image via Krash Photography