After nearly six months of teasers, Jauz and San Holo‘s first-ever collaboration is finally available in full. The song was originally teased in April through a Jauz video asking for name suggestions to his upcoming ID with San Holo. Though a number of creative and amusing names – such as “Shark Vader,” “Come to the Sharkside” and “The Shark Strikes Back” – were suggested, the two ended up deciding on the short and punchy “OK!”

If you’re not a huge fan of Jauz’s festival bass house sound or San Holo’s ’90s-influenced future bass anthems, “OK!” might be just the track for you. Stepping away from their typically-associated genres, the two talents have gone full-on dubstep with this one.

Before you make any assumptions, know that this isn’t your typical flavor of brostep. “OK!” is a hybrid in every sense of the word, fusing its dubstep beat with rising bass house plucks and harsh future bass synths. The track also throws in elements of pop – within its vocal realm – and electronic trap.

“OK!” is easily one of Monstercat‘s biggest releases thus far, and quite possibly 2016’s dirtiest dubstep track. Don’t miss out on this one!

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