An important part of being a cultural icon is having an instantly recognizable look to match. Even though, in the dance music sphere, this usually equates to a plain black shirt and some tight jogger pants, several DJs in the upper echelons of fame have made their personal wardrobe a key component in their branding. Skrillex’s giant glasses, Avicii’s backwards hat, Deadmau5’s tattoos only a few that come to mind.

While these classic looks may seem unique to their owners, many of their visages are surprisingly similar to other celebrities in the entertainment industry. From Corey Feldman and Tom Cruise to Taylor Swift and Macklemore, we’ve compiled five of the most accurate DJ doppelgängers for you to enjoy.

Check below for the list of lookalikes, and tell us which ones we may have forgotten!

#5: Skrillex & Corey Feldman


#4: Avicii & Taylor Swift


#3: Diplo & Macklemore


#2: Axwell & Tom Cruise


#1: Calvin Harris & Ryan Gosling