Drinking on New Year’s Eve is as much as part of the holiday as barbeque on the Fourth Of July – it’s a big deal. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that New York will be having as much fun as previous years, as at the New York State Liquor Authority will not be granting any all-night liquor permits to any venue this year, as confirmed to Thump earlier today.

The permit gives authority to bars and venues to sell liquor past last call (4 AM in New York City) until 8 AM. In the past few years, there has been a downward trend in the amount of venues that have been granted the permit, with 439 in 2007 and only 249 last year (though still up from 165 in 2009).

NYSLA wasn’t able to confirm whether the rule applied to just NYC or the whole state, but it will apply to at least NYC.


via Thump