The last we heard of CVNT5, they were just beginning their ghost-produced mass appeal campaign to take over the world. Now, with ADE approaching, they’re doing their very best to buy their way into the DJ Mag Top 100.

In a video posted to YouTube this morning, CVNT5 express rage at their manager for not having gotten them on the ranking list in 2015, despite them not even appearing on the scene until March of this year. Still, they feel as if they’ve done enough to warrant a #1 spot on the list and so fly to Vietnam to open a “click farm” in the hopes of generating enough votes to win the competition.

Unfortunately, the two end up at #2 on the rankings, after some other individual paid the Editor In Chief of DJ Mag off with a diamond-encrusted watch. After sulking, the two retreat to their green room where in walks Marshmello with an award for “Best Dressed DJ,” though the award is satirically spelled out to “marshmallo.”

The end of the video is something you really have to see to believe, but note that it is not for the squeamish or those with weak stomachs.

The real #1 DJ will be announced next Wednesday, October 19, at the Amsterdam Music Festival, part of the annual Amsterdam Dance Event.