Since his debut performance at HARD Day Of The Dead in 2014, Zhu has grown a lot. He’s released a couple EPs, a debut album, and even performed at Coachella for an absolute ravenous crowd. However there’s one facet of his brand that has continually grown and become better with time – his stage.

From the first performance behind a veiled screen with his iconic ‘Z’ stage, he’s kept adding more and more flair. Now, with the addition of a live guitarist and saxophonist to his shows, he’s flanked on each side by smaller pedestals, giving his stage – created by Production.Club – an even greater sense of symmetry, which is fantastic.

But if you were at his show this past Wednesday at the Shrine in Los Angeles, you truly saw something remarkable. Hanging above each pedestal, and Zhu himself, was a larger array of lights and lasers that would shine down and cast a cage around the performers. Though that sounds simple in writing, looking at the pictures below should be enough to make your jaw drop.

[foogallery id=”191910″]


Images via Joe Vitalari @vtlmedia