When was the last time you heard about a sports team having their anthem refurbished and composed by one of the world’s most talented producers? Deadmau5 has just taken up the Toronto Maple Leafs on their offer to create their new theme song.

“I got an e-mail from management asking if I would consider doing it and I was like heck yeah. I knew I had to do something that was palatable and worked for the crowd and also lend itself to some audience participation. These thoughts all formed in my head before I even sat down.”

Enlisting the help of deadmau5 is part of the Maple Leafs plan to open a new chapter for their team after a century of sporting, and the unveiling will take place at the Leafs’ centennial home opener this weekend. But of course, the task of making a new theme simple, yet original and different wasn’t without a challenge.

“That was part of the appeal. I didn’t want to just license out an existing track. It was better to do something different but still retaining some qualities that I possess with my own music. I wanted to keep it in the vein of something driving and anthem-ish.”

Deadmau5 is scheduled to meet the team and reveal the new anthem for the Leafs Centennial Celebrations this Saturday, October 15th. Tune in to CBC at 6pm to hear the new jam.