In the frenzy of preparing for the DJ Mag Top 100 this year, it seems some DJ Mag editors weren’t as thorough as they should have been. Martin Garrix’s friend and collaborator Jay Hardway entered the list for the first time at #89 this year, and as is customary, gave a statement to DJ Mag to include in his bio.

Unfortunately, the bio contained information that this year’s #1 DJ is in fact Martin Garrix.martin-garrix-1-dj-screenshot

UPDATE: We’ve been sent another screenshot from a different source.


Now you might be quick to think, “Wait, I can’t just trust a random screenshot from Twitter.” And you’d be right! And indeed, Jay Hardway’s current bio doesn’t contain that line about Garrix. However, in their rush to update the mistake, DJ Mag left a grammatical artifact behind. The second paragraph begins with “The two collaborated again” without ever mentioning another person in the previous paragraph. This leads us to believe that the line about Martin Garrix was in fact legitimate.jar-hardway-screenshot

So congratulations to the new #1 DJ, Martin Garrix! Well deserved!


Image via Rukes