We all know the name, we all love their music, Cazzette is back again with their newest single “Static” and Your EDM has the exclusive premiere. Featuring vocals from Georgia Ku, “Static” starts out soft and sensual enough. The soft piano notes and minimal effects on the vocals provide a stellar atmosphere for the track to grow and morph as it leads naturally into the drop.

It’s hard to think of a drop within EDM that comes close to this style in the past year, dropping into a precise melodic series of chords and bringing the vocals back in a natural way during the drop. It’s almost like… a song? Yep.

“We wrote the track together in LA with Georgia Ku whose voice captured our attention instantly. It has since been in the works for quite some time as Seb and I have gone back and forth between different productions to make our original vision true. After digging into some garage and jazz inspiration, we finally wrapped up our new single ‘Static’ and could not be happier. The track is something different then the typical 4/4 house that we normally find ourselves experimenting with.”- Alexander Björklund 

The progression of the track is easily one of its most attractive aspects, rarely making a clear delineation between rise, drop and whatever else. It’s smooth and clean, and owes itself perfectly to repeat play.

Check it out below!


Facebook image courtesy of Alex Sebastian