Editor’s note: People voted on this list just like they did for the Top 100 list. Neither list may be indicative of your own personal feelings. This list does not affect you in any way. This list is not affiliated with the DJ Mag list and is not reflective of its results. This list is satire & parody and not meant to be serious.

Last year, “My Penis” was the #12 worst DJ.

While every year we eagerly await the results of the DJ Mag Top 100, there’s another rival list that gives us just as much enjoyment, if not more. That’s right! It’s time for the Bottom 100 DJs list!! Another year and another list, this grouping of DJs have been voted as the worst in the scene.

Last year’s list featured David Guetta, Paris Hilton, Deadmau5, Vinai, Hardwell and more in the top 10 – of course, the list isn’t totally serious. After all, Deadmau5’s cat, Professor Meowingtons, ranked at #5 and “My Penis” was ranked the #12 worst DJ.

Check out who made the list this year below!

10. Deadmau5
9. Hardwell
8. Martin Jensen
7. Paris Hilton
6. Alok
2. David Guetta

And finally…………..