The Chainsmokers found themselves beneath a pile of Twitter scorn after an interview with The Rolling Stone featured a quote from Alex Pall describing Lady Gaga‘s in less than praiseworthy terms. A hashtag reading #TheChainsmokersAreOverParty quickly began to trend after supporters of Lady Gaga and Rihanna emerged to defend the two artists.

Yesterday, Lady Gaga finally responded to the statement with a subtle comeback of her own. Rather than sinking into the mirk, however, she simply decided to send The Chainsmokers her latest track “A-YO” as a reminder of her musical prowess.

Despite the brand new hashtag, #GagaEndedTheChainsmokersParty, now making its rounds, The Chainsmokers were amicable in their response. Without directly apologizing, they gave Lady Gaga props for representing her new music without much hostility.


Source: Billboard