Australian supergroup Pendulum have just revealed that they will be returning to their home city of Perth to perform their first show back home in five years. Their last time playing at Origin NYE was in 2008, but they haven’t even been back to Australia since 2011 when they were on the now-expired Future Music Festival tour.

The three founding members – Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen and Paul Harding – will take to the stage this New Year’s for an exclusive DJ set, coming as their only Australian stop of the season.

Generally, only Paul Harding – aka El Hornet – performs Pendulum DJ sets with MC Verse. Rob and Gareth’s participation will likely breathe new life into the set, especially with it being touted as a “return to beginnings.” While not quite the reunion fans were likely waiting for, this is still a unique enough experience to make the memory last a lifetime.

Earlier this year, Pendulum broke their five-year silence with a live headlining performance alongside the likes of Deadmau5, Hardwell and Martin Garrix at Ultra Miami. Their immense, unforgettable show now serves as a welcome reminder of the group’s caliber and powerful presence on stage.

Unfortunately, this is definitely a one-off performance as Rob Swire tweets:

Check below for the official announcement video for Pendulum’s Origin NYE stop, and relive their Ultra performance further down.


Source: WAToday | Image via Rukes