As we enter the last few months of the year, Xcellerated in Los Angeles has shown absolutely no sign of slowing down. With an absolutely stacked lineup from start to finish with UK headliners, there is no other place to be in Los Angeles than smack dab in the center of the dance floor at Union in LA. Since its inception, Union has become a safe haven for exceptional club nights. With everything from dubstep nights, to the multi-room drum and bass bunkers we all know and love, expect nothing but quality from Jeremy Fitzgerald(DJ Construct) and his crew.

By stacked, I mean stacked. From the lethal jump up duo known as Annix (Also known as Decimal Bass & Konichi) to the new school dance floor sounds of North Base, expect to have your dancing shoes fully operational and in use all night. The full lineup consists of AnnixJaydanNorth BaseDeejay Profile and Sonic. In addition, it wouldn’t be a junglist’s paradise without some wicked MC’s. Luckily for all of us, Insomniac’s MC Dino will be in attendance, along with MC J-Tec and MC Questionmark!

Don’t miss an epic night out, with LA’s drum and bass family.

You can purchase tickets here.