If there’s a singular name synonymous with absolute tear-down dance floor destruction, it’s Delta Heavy. With the enormous success of their album Paradise Lost earlier in the year, I’d imagine it’s quite easy for listeners to assume it just couldn’t get much better than that. WRONG. The release I’m about to share with you is real proof that the team has no holds barred. More recently, as well, would be the epic drum and bass rework of “White Flag VIP” that has done absolute damage in the summer festival track. Without further adieu, Your EDM is proud to premiere “Kill Room”!

The track begins with a classic Delta Heavy signature introduction. With a short inception that hooks their listeners like a prize catch, soon after are thrown back into the bass-filled abyss with an enthralling reece bass breakdown. Soon after, the drop catapults through like an atomic bomb gifted with that signature Delta Heavy bass line groove. Bliss.