It’s true that these days, if you can dream it, you can do it. It seems like the fitting mantra for the people over at Guinness World Records who offer awards and praise to people of all natural extremes and earned feats. And now the people over at Stoney Roads have just captured and updated a unique event by breaking a record.

Most people might not know that the record for most DJs in a back-to-back set was a whopping total of 133 people in Marina Barrage, Singapore on August 9th, 2014. Since that day, no one has tried to top this record… until today.

The folks over at Stoney Roads have topped the record for the largest club DJ session relay with 13 more people added into the mix. That means 146 people took turns playing an assortment of house music for more than twelve hours in Sydney Australia. Posting the event via Facebook Live, Stoney Roads hosted the event at the 107 Projects art gallery with various musical talents playing whatever they felt like on the same turntables. Although the earliest video streamed starts after the 46th DJ in the mix, 47-146 are captured and share a wide variety of electronic dance music.

Check out footage from the event here and let us know what you think!