On September 20th, the legendary Gorillaz became incredibly active on their Facebook page, and began uploading new lore to Twitter. One month later, after a few short videos and a whole lot of Facebook posts, we know a new album is on the way.

In anticipation of the album, Gorillaz’ frontman and bass player, Murdoc, has graciously interviewed with Noisey. Delving into controversial topics such as Brexit, Ringo Starr, and who was his first kiss and first fight with (Hint: it’s the same person). Murdoc is quite the eccentric character, and even more outrageous; we promise this is one interview you definitely do not want to miss out on.

Murdoc is just a bit fickle about retelling the story of selling his soul away, but it makes sense that the devil would have it, given the man’s ungodly talent.

“Listen mate, selling your soul isn’t like flogging a penis pump on Gumtree. It’s a big deal, a very private, sacred moment in a Sunday Satanist’s life. So please show some respect. Besides, even if I did want to tell you about it I couldn’t ‘cos I was totally whammed off my nut.”

And when asked about his birthplace, Murdoc knows no bounds.

“Mere mortals are born. Murdoc Niccals stage-dived into existence in a blaze of total fucking glory.”

But when faced with whether or not he thinks rock is dead… well, that’s just rude.

“I’m insulted you’d ask me that when you’re sitting close enough to feel the heat pulsing from my trousers.”

To read the full interview and delve into the mind of the legendary Murdoc, check it out at Noisey, and keep up with us for more information on Gorillaz and their new album!


Source: Noisey