The notorious bass heavy duo Caspa & Rusko have been smashing shows together and impressing bass aficionados worldwide since they joined forces to show the world what real bass music was. After smashing shows globally, the pair began producing together for an ungodly sound that is hard not to salivate over. After their hailed EP 1 released just last month, the duo are back again with EP 2 that leaves your neck broken and your limbs in a frenzy of motion that you didn’t think was humanly possible.

Opening with “Riddem Again,” this latest release comes out swinging and doesn’t stop. With gritty bass that will have the roof caving in, you’re instantly taught that Caspa & Rusko reign when it comes to their ingenuity in production. Jumping into “Whiplash,” you’re given old Pendulum meets gritty dub feels that is a blissful nostalgic feel in a sea of bass tracks that seem to consist of the same 2016 screeching noise that has infiltrated every DJ set. A slow and rhythmic sub filled tune, this offers a perfect break into the finale “Cup of Peace.” Pulling some Jamaican, near Major Lazer type vibes, the rasta-inspired tune is a sub driven dive into the island vibe that will have you grooving and wishing you had a pina colada while bobbing your head to each wave of bass that washes over you.

All in all, Caspa & Rusko showed and debuted another hit compilation of bass infused sounds that will have you vibing and getting grimy on any dance floor. Make sure that you check out EP 2 now on Soundcloud and keep an eye out to make sure you catch the famed duo when they come to shatter windows at a city near you.

Purchase the EP here.