It wasn’t long ago that some Daft Punk fans improved on Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo’s helmet, crafting an innovative replica that way outperformed even the real thing.

Now, a Redditor named CrazyElectrum has taken it upon himself to replicate Thomas Bangalter’s helmet using 3D printing and a whole lot of circuitry. 

From start to finish, the entire project took five weeks and roughly over 140 hours of work, including 72 hours of printing for the helmet’s 26 pieces. Using zip ties, hot glue, and the magical automobile fixall, Bondo, CrazyElectrum was able to join the project’s individual pieces and smooth out the rough plastic for a remarkably clean design. The helmet’s 326 LEDs have 10 programmed displays, and are controlled via bluetooth with a custom Android app for maximum swaggability.



Check out the post on imgur for the entire gallery chronicling the helmet’s creation.


Source: r/daftpunk | H/T: Dancing Astronaut