New York’s very own Alyx Ander is one talented artist. He’s already had the opportunity to spin on Data Transmission’s prestigious channel, as well as provide some beautiful remixes, with his latest earning over 55,000 hits as he put a intriguing, deep house spin on “Follow The Sun”.

Listen to “Follow The Sun” here!

His newest single is an original and it’s an honor to premiere it here on Your EDM. It goes by the name of “Memories of You”, and it features the sensational vocals of Srey Davi that will give you chills the moment you hear her voice.

Alyx Ander once again does what he does best, infusing the song with bright, beautiful melodies that seemingly place you in a heavenly trance. It feels like a tune you’d hear from a closing set in Ibiza, just as the sun is setting and the night is ramping up. From precise vocal chops to an intoxicating blend of synths and ambient hits, Alyx Ander once again produced a true, progressive house masterpiece, with “Memories Of You”.

Listen for yourself below and be sure to grab your copy coming this Friday!