Gorillaz fans everywhere are rejoicing, pushing up their glasses, threading up in their best Chuck Taylors, and flocking to online dating sites in droves. Why? Because the band’s manic heartthrob, Noodle, is on OKCupid.

Jokes aside, the PR stunt has yielded new information, and of course, new questions, as we’re not exactly sure what it all means.

Watashiwanoodle is a 26-year-old lady looking for new friends of all ages, anywhere in the world, and in her description she’s taunted us with an ominous date, doubtlessly tied to Gorillaz new album. It reads “Ready? 12:11” followed by “xx DA.” That last bit is surely a signature from the band’s founder Damon Albarn, but it’s the 12:11 that’s got us confused. Does it mean the new LP comes out December 11th? Is it a Bible verse? We have zero idea.

It doesn’t appear to be a hoax either. Noodle’s account was linked to her official Instagram, which requires user authentication. That doesn’t discount the whole thing being a hack, but it certainly slims down the possibility. The account has since been deactivated, but Consequence of Sound has not heard back from the band’s representatives on the matter.




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