In the realm of “industry wear,” or “clothes that look good at a bass music show,” you’ll find Damascus at the top of the list. With a variety of styles focusing on multiple branded partnerships with artists and influencers, Damascus has risen to prominence as one of the most associated clothing brands with dance music.

Who better to partner with then than the undisputed king of American drum & bass, Dieselboy? With a new DTHWLVS concept tee out now, they’ve done just that.

We were specifically honored to work with Dieselboy not only because we have been long-time fans – but because he also shares a passion for design. Similar to collaboration on a music track, both artists contribute bits of themselves, to produce a unique sound or unique look that only could come from the meshing of two minds. In this case, designing a custom shirt and pin, from the mood boards to the final photography and marketing assets, it was hands on for both of us throughout the entire process.

The DTHWLVS or “Death Wolves” concept was developed by meshing together influence from vintage metal album covers and horror movie posters. Combining the hand drawn elements and modernized styling with the acid washed distressed shirt we weathered ourselves, made for an intense and high-quality piece.

You can see the design below. If you like it, you can grab it right here. If you still need to see more, you can head to the lookbook for the design here.

dthwlvs_damascus_apparel_dieselboy_flat_lay_front_ dthwlves_dieselboy_back_purple_damascus_apparel_slider dthwlvs_dieselboy_front_back_damascus_apparel