Monstercat has been cherry picking great artists from their labels left and right this year. Just in the last two months, the Vancouver-based label has pulled Koven from Viper RecordingsNERVO from Ultra RecordsDion Timmer from Rottun Recordings… The list goes on and on. However, the label’s most interesting recruit yet might be a more unexpected artist from bitbirdDROELOE.

For the last couple weeks, Monstercat’s website has been completely glitching out, as far as most fans could tell. From distorted artist images to seemingly random code appearances to a flashing image of a golden skull, hints were left all over the place by the label for fans to unlock the secret of “1989.”

The result of all this hype was well worth the wait. Though it is one of the more chill tracks Monstercat has released this year, “Bon Voyage” is absolutely monumental. This song has seemingly endless layers to dig into, from guitar string plucks to unintelligible vocal chops to gorgeous harmonies to simple ambient noise. If you’re not typically into more chill electronic music, this record might change your taste.

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