Do those Election Day blues have you down? Is the weight of the world sitting heavily on your shoulders? If so, just remember you can always find solace in the power of music. Especially these stellar remixes of Spoken Bird‘s Liquid Soul Mantra; take a deep breath, forget about the world for a moment, and let them wash over you.

Released earlier this year, Liquid Soul Mantra is some of Spoken Bird’s best work yet. As such, all three tracks were ripe for re-imagining. And re-imagined they have been, by some of the best underground producers in the game to boot. LSM: Remixed  features work from Duffrey, CharlestheFirst, and CloZinger, a collaborative project from CloZee and Scarfinger. Each of them showcased their skills undeniably well, with tunes ranging from post-trap and midtempo glitch to dubby electronica. The sound design here is saucy and sultry, with an irresistibly psychedelic flair thrown in for good measure. These are beats that massage your brain, kneading out the stress under the weight of lush low-end poetry.

Best of all, Liquid Soul Mantra: Remixed has been released via Street Ritual as a name-your-price download. Take a listen below and grab a copy of your own from the label’s Bandcamp if you’re feeling the vibes!