This k?d is truly exceptional. With a knack for mutating tracks into stunningly beautiful new creations, k?d is no doubt making a name for himself with his unique sound. This time he has chosen to put his efforts into a remix of one of the classics, “Sad Machine” by Porter Robinson. After seeing that he was working on this remix, I was eager to hear how he would transform such an iconic track. I am definitely not disappointed with the results. This remix is mind blowing.


Keeping all the essential elements intact, like the beginning of the track and bits of the original melody, k?d has taken “Sad Machine” to a new level. A whirling synth thrusts you into a new space as the original song’s robotic vocals enchant you into listening. The track slowly builds as k?d introduces layer after layer of swelling synths. The drop is undeniably one crafted by this talented k?d, incorporating swelling future bass synths with synths that are crucial to k?d’s overall sound. This track artfully picks all the key elements from “Sad Machine” and transforms them into a new wonderful creation. Listen to his phenomenal remix below: