One of the things about trends in music is that they are so damn attractive. These trends happen when producers see a successful song and attempt to recreate it – with their “own spin,” of course. This has happened most notably this year in pop music with the “millennial whoop” and in EDM with vocal chops (done long before this year, but made absolutely unbearable recently).

One such success was obviously “Lean On,” and it spawned a lot of imitators and innovators. Many have fallen victim to producing too closely to the original and abandoning their own sound as a result. Others have found success, injecting their own style into the mix.

Lost Boy, for one, is a bit of an anomaly. “Poison” is the first original track from the artist, so it’s impossible to tell whether the style will continue to resemble “Lean On” or if there’s something more in store.

“Poison” is definitely more poppy than EDM, making grand use of steel drums and flutes in an almost tropical house style, but barely skirting that edge. The vocals are a focal point of the track, for sure, provided by Lost Boy himself, as was the production, writing and mixing. There’s also a distinct Australian-production feeling to the track, bringing up memories of artists like Paces. Regardless of the similarities inherent in the track, it is a good track.

Listen below, as we await more from this fledgling producer.