I’m not gonna sugarcoat it… I love STéLOUSE.

The absolutely madman is an incredible producer (with equally incredible hair) who has just released one of my favorite tracks he’s ever put out. Putting aside the future bass for a moment, “Been So Long” with Nick Leng sounds like it could just as easily have been put out by The Postal Service or Passion Pit, mixed with a bit of POGO.

It’s definitely not EDM but I really don’t give a shit, it’s damn good.

The vocals from Nick Leng are easily just as integral in the track’s sound as the production, and he absolutely nails it the whole way through. The quaint and delightful voice of Leng plays beautifully against the whimsical and innocent production.

The whole way through, this track is a masterclass and I can’t stop listening.


Image via StéLouse