As with all of their big hits, The Chainsmokers have released a video to accompany their newest single “Setting Fires” featuring XYLØ. As with “Closer,” this video is technically a “lyric video,” but it could just as easily serve as a full music video if you wanted to think of it in such terms.

Playing as a stark contrast to the emotional and meaningful lyric video for “Closer,” this video is decidedly directionless, opting instead to find as many ways to play with fire as possible. To be honest, we’re not opposed to that in the least anyway. Skate boards, poi, cardboard, metal railings – whatever’s in the warehouse inevitably gets set on fire (with a trained team at the ready, of course).

Unfortunately, without any meaning or plot behind the video (which, we’ll remind ourselves, is just a lyric video), it’s hard to find any reason to actually watch it except to see things burn. And to that point, you might as well play the song on Spotify and find a more impressive fire video to watch, because it would certainly be more entertaining.

Regardless, check out the video below.


Image via Rukes