Will automatic copyright detectors ever get it right? From YouTube taking down huge channels for illicit copyright complaints to SoundCloud removing a silent track for copyright infringement, it appears that websites worth millions cannot nail down a solid, reliable copyright detection system.

The latest entry in the ever-expanding copyright shenanigans series comes from Oliver Heldens, who posted a picture on Twitter of SoundCloud flagging a preview of his new track “Good Life” with Ida Coor for copyright infringement. The source Heldens is allegedly infringing? His own song “Good Life.” Wait, what?

Fans of Heldens’ good friend Martin Garrix may recall a similar situation occurring when Garrix attempted to upload his song “WIEE.” SoundCloud also flagged Garrix and prevented him from uploading the song, citing the same exact song as the copyright source. In that instance, SoundCloud fixed the problem and allowed Garrix to upload the track, so we can only assume the problem will be fixed for Heldens as well.

But, these repeated copyright mistakes paint a very ugly picture of a broken copyright detection system. We can’t blame Heldens for saying “make SoundCloud great again,” as it’s failing to even properly identify major artists’ own tracks as their own, messing with scheduled release dates and causing unnecessary delays. Make SoundCloud great again indeed.

Either way, “Good Life” is available now.



Image via Rukes