Now that Porter Robinson and Madeon‘s co-headlining Shelter Tour is well under way, fans and attendees have been blessed with a whirlwind of brand new remixes, live edits and mashups that had previously only dwelled in their imaginations. Starting with their collaboration of the same name, the duo has been begged by their listeners to release more work together so that their legendary union can far outlast their limited touring schedule.

According to a new video posted to Porter Robinson’s Facebook page earlier today, it appears that fans’ prayers may have┬ábegun to be realized. A short preview of Madeon’s live edit of “Flicker” can be seen played out to one of the two’s enormous, sold-out shows. Featuring larger than life synth work and the iconic Madeon style, the edit comes as only a small taste of the potentially monumental collaborative work he and Porter might be up to.

Check out the clip below, and cross your fingers for even more new material to follow.

Images: Rukes