Mau5trap just uploaded a video teasing the tracks to be included on deadmau5′ new LP W:/2016ALBUM/ and it’s a brilliant assortment of quizzical prose capped off with a monstrous growl from our favorite Meowingtons.

But this new video does a lot more than just give hints regarding the album’s track list. Fans quickly devoured the clues and churned out each of the 11 track titles in earnest, and after a couple searches, we realized that every tune already exists on YouTube.

Ripped from various live streams and shows, and uploaded in varying qualities, we’ve collected the contents of W:/2016ALBUM/ for your listening pleasure below.

Note: The streams below might not reflect the final quality or versions that will appear on the album.

1. 2448

2. 4ware

3. Cat Thruster

4. Glish

5. Imaginary Friends

6. Let Go (feat. Grabbitz)

7. Deus Ex Machina

8. No Problem

9. Snowcone

10. Three Pounds Chicken Wing

11. Whelk Then


Photo: Rukes