Pretty much everybody knows that deadmau5 is one of the angriest tweeters out there, so you probably won’t be surprised to hear that’s he launched himself in yet another string of online beef. Now you’re probably wondering who the latest challenger is. An unruly DJ? Angry celebrity? Disney? Marshmello?! While those are all solid guesses you’ll probably be surprised to hear that the mau5’s latest opponent is AdBlock.

It all started when a fan tweeted about how a commercial for deadmau5’s upcoming Masterclass had snuck past his AdBlock.

Deadmau5 being Deadmau5 of course, couldn’t help but chime in, and before you knew it there were tweets bouncing back and forth from both sides.

A fan jumps in with the startling, yet entirely unproven, admission that AdBlock is paid to let ads through.

Deadmau5 actually verifies said fan’s statement with an article and reveals that he’s a uBlock Origin user, but not before blocking AdBlock on Twitter of course.

Meanwhile, at AdBlock HQ their social media intern was frantically thinking of ways to backpedal and avoid the inevitable block, and pulled out these two passive-aggressive gems. Unfortunately for him or her, they still get blocked.

Final score: Deadmau5 & uBlock Origin 1 – AdBlock 0.


Featured Image via AP Photo/Victoria Will