It’s finally time, folks. With only two weeks left until the release of Deadmau5′ new album, W:/2016Album/, pre-orders are now available. Additionally, the first official single now officially available to listen to, “Let Go” with Grabbitz.

(Other tracks on the album like “Snowcone” have been released in the past, but “Let Go” is currently the only track currently available during pre-sale for the album, making it the first “official” single.)

The track was previously titled “Blood For The Bloodgoat” and though it has gone through relatively little creative changes since the first demo we heard, it’s been polished to a crazy degree.

Along with the 6 minute version currently available on Spotify, the album will contain an extended version that lasts 11 and a half minutes. The iTunes pre-order confirmed earlier suspicions of the tracklist, as well. You can pre-order his new album here, out December 2.