At this point, I’ve simply lost track of how much bass music I’ve listened to. Over six years of dedicated daily listening, not to mention nearly three years of actually working in the music industry, I’ve learned to expertly differentiate between bad, good, great, and holy-shit-this-is-going-to-change-things. In 2016, I feel like there’s been a lot of the first three, and not so much of the last one. Finally, I can say that Enschway is paving the road for bass music in the future.

I’ve generally reviewed EPs and albums as a whole product this year, mostly because they didn’t warrant anything different. In the case of Friendschway Vol. 2, it would be an absolute disservice to not remark on each track individually, they’re all that good.

Enschway & Kuren – Taking Hold ft. Turquoise Prince

Turquoise Prince’s voice is like an emotionally broken lover on the day he learned his wife died. The sheer level of intensity that he brings to the lyrics of “Taking Hold” is enough to turn any man halfway in touch with his feelings into a blubbering mess, reminiscent of the most over-acting stage vocalist on Earth. Couple that with the extreme, fierce production of Enschway and Kuren, and this is one of my favorite vocal future bass tracks of the year, hands down. Since the track is so short, it doesn’t waste any time with exposition or build. It drops you headfirst into the weight of turmoil and loss, and I never want to leave.

Enschway & Crystalize – Falling ft. Austen

“Falling” seems like more of the same from “Taking Hold.” Beginning with a beautiful vocal intro from Austen, the track quickly develops with breathtaking, sweeping bass synths and heart-stopping drums. This track, too, is short. Though, without giving too much away, there’s a major surprise in store waiting for those who make it to the second drop. And holy shit, you do not want to skip ahead. The build is worth it.

Enschway & graves – Vulnerable

“Vulnerable” gives me chills, man. The emotion from Turquoise Prince’s voice in “Taking Hold” is somehow transplanted to the production here, and the drop nearly leaves me in tears. I can barely even comprehend hearing this leave because I’m afraid I would crumble to the floor. Enschway has seemingly perfected the art of combining intense vocals and production in an emotionally crippling fashion. I just want to tell him, “It’s all going to be okay…”

Enschway & O5CAR – Push Up

If you put Friendschway Vol. 2 up against Lido’s Everything, “Push Up” would be the track when the protagonist just gets fucking crazy angry and starts breaking things. After the last three emotionally tumultuous tracks, “Push Up” is relentless in its unbridled chaos, and the best part is that you don’t even see it coming. Each pulsing bass note is like a stab in the heart, each saw wave is like your skin peeling off… it’s raw and vicious, a perfect ending to an otherwise introspective EP.