Followers of Dillon Francis‘s Instagram account may have noticed an interesting trend found in many of his most recent posts: Crossfit. According to an interview with Reebok, Dillon revealed that it was his tour manager who initially turned him on to the workout plan.

“I knew that Mike [Finn], my tour manager, did CrossFit so I’ve always joked around with him about how CrossFitters feel the need to talk about it all the time.”

After forming a relationship with certified Crossfit trainer Conor Murphy, Finn and Dillon eventually wound up at a session with him while in Massachusetts.

“Mike invited me to UMass to see the show and do a workout with him beforehand. We were working out by the tour bus and Dillon came outside and started joking around with us, saying he could do what we were doing. Next thing I knew, I was putting Dillon through a workout.”

At first, Dillon said, he was able to keep up with the rest of the pack. But after about 40 air squats, he began to struggle. It was his noticeable feelings of health and energy the next day that brought Dillon back for more.

“The thing I’ve gotten out of CrossFit that I never had when I went to a personal trainer is more energy. You finish a workout and you’re like, ‘How did I just do that?’ but then a half hour later once I’m in the shower, I just feel super rejuvenated and have more energy than I did before the workout.”

Since their first session, Dillon has brought Murphy out on the road with him to lead Crossfit routines for he and his team.

“Touring is one of the worst things possible for your body. You have limited time to eat, limited time to sleep, limited time to work on music, let alone work out. So Conor being out on tour really helps with that time management because then I can work out whenever fits in my schedule.” 

Dillon said that he plans on continuing Crossfit for the foreseeable future, as it provides him the necessary energy to keep up with his constant touring schedule. Murphy is excited to be along for the ride helping Dillon on his journey to a healthier lifestyle, he said.

“Touring with Dillon has really opened my eyes to the fact that as a DJ, your job is to entertain. It’s a job that requires him to bring high energy for multiple hours at a time. He’s not at these shows just to party like a lot of the people watching are. He’s expected to perform and to bring enthusiasm and energy, and CrossFit is giving Dillon more energy than he’s had before.”


Source/Image: Reebok

Facebook image by Jas Davis