Who knew Oliver Heldens was this funny with an unobstructed audience and 25 minutes to do whatever he wanted? Heldens recently went live on Facebook for the first time in an unscripted moment and surprised all of us with new music, an off-the-cuff freestyle and more.

At 6:40, he debuts some new music with the iconic “They know what is what, but they don’t know what is what, they just strut” sample from Fatboy Slim’s “Star 69.”

For the first few minute of the video, he freestyles along with “Still D.R.E.” from Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg, while also making fun of mumble rappers.

The rest of the time is filled by him answering fan questions and playing some music, but the whole thing is worth a listen, if only just in the background while you work. Check it out below.


Image via Rukes