Padlock, the alias of bass music/dubstep music veteran Hogwash, has just released his debut house music EP through Daily Earfood Records. Twilight is comprised of four unique tracks, coming as the ideal introduction to the sound and swagger of Hogwash’s new project.

The EP’s first three songs represent a diverse spectrum within the realm of classic house music, featuring a laid back and refined approach to songwriting and production. Simplicity and strict attention to sound design is what makes each of them stand out, especially when stings of saxophone and the metallic wubs of deep house enter their way into the space.

Twilight is wrapped up with its title track, a tropical house swayer that ascends the EP’s overall tone into one of euphoria and bliss. Wide bell sounds and glistening percussion characterize the groovy song and give it life, separating it as the most unique production on the record.

Enjoy Padlock’s debut EP in its entirety below, and head further down to download it for yourself.

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