New music on Thanksgiving? Beside all the Black Friday specials and the kickoff to the holiday season, the minds behind Pilgrims thought it would be a great idea to present their latest remix. It’s almost a little ironic with Pilgrims music on Thanksgiving, but let’s push aside the lame jokes and talk about what these two producers have delivered.

For their second flip, Omar and Casey of Pilgrims deliver with their take on the 2010 mega-hit “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. In a similar fashion to their “Let Me Feel” flip from earlier this year, they let the vocals warm listeners to the nostalgic melody and it’s new electronic backbone. Going into the drop, listeners will find themselves in a blizzard of synths that reimagine this modern pop-classic into the perfect future bass, holiday gift. If these guys are able to add such a supercharged-element into their remixes, I can only imagine what their original productions might sound like in the future.

Take this melodic-dubstep rework of “Just The Way You Are” from Pilgrims and make sure to check out their socials to find out when they post more music, remixes, and more.